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Journal of Contemporary Politics


Journal of Contemporary Politics

Year: 2023, Volume: 2, Issue: 1, Pages: 37-44

Original Article

Imperatives of Judicial Reforms in Israel: An Analytical Perspective

Received Date:12 February 2023, Accepted Date:22 March 2023, Published Date:28 March 2023


Israel a parliamentary democracy proposed a spate of judicial reforms that led to wide protest across the country since the beginning of 2023. Israel’s parliament approved the first pillar of Netanyahu’s plan of overhauling country’s judiciary in July 2023. Once again, the protests with clashes between people and police occurred. Israel has been facing tough protests almost from all sections of the polity and society. Government and the opposition, both had their own set of arguments towards the imperatives and nature of judicial reforms in Israel. Opponents goes to the extent of saying that proposed reforms will ruin the democratic ethos of the polity as a whole. Government, on the other hand, justifies the reforms as an endeavour to strike balance among the different organs of the Government like Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. Therefore, the ongoing tussle necessitates to explore and analyse the facts behind proposed reforms and their likely impacts upon the polity and politics of Israel. Hence, authors have attempted to analyse the political structure of Israel to present the issue in proper perspective.

Keywords: Judicial Reforms, Israel, Balance of Power, Attorney General, Legal System


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2023 Published by Bangalore University. This is an open-access article under the CC BY license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


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