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Journal of Contemporary Politics


Journal of Contemporary Politics

Year: 2022, Volume: 1, Issue: 2, Pages: 49-59

Original Article

Jinnah-type Neta: Yearning for Elite and Cosmopolitan Political Leadership among the Muslims in Kerala

Received Date:18 October 2022, Accepted Date:21 November 2022, Published Date:28 December 2022


This work presents debates on leadership in Muslim community in Kerala analysing the experience of Indian National Muslim League in the state. There are four varieties of leadership, namely, Jinnah-type, ulama, pradesika and pragmatic in Muslim League emerged within the specific political and religious context of Kerala. Of the types of leadership, Jinnah-type and pradesika are in constant conflict right from the beginning and this conflict has shaped contemporary history Muslim League in the state. This work also examines the transformation in nature of League leadership and persistence of Kerala Muslim community’s yearning for an elite cosmopolitan leadership while at the same time always critiquing it. Such an examination explores the construction and stabilization of certain ‘models’ through the discourse set around the Muslim leadership in general and League leadership in particular.


Keywords: Political leadership, Cosmopolitan, Kerala, Muslim community


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© 2022 Published by Bangalore University. This is an open-access article under the CC BY license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


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